Nordic Culture Club – May

Nordic Culture Club, 5 May, Target Helsinki (FI)

Welcome to our club at Suomenlinna, Nordic Culture Club is held on the first Friday of each month, is free to attend and refreshments are always on offer. Doors open 18:00, Showtime 19:00!

TARGET Helsinki is a multidisciplinary ensemble that takes an innovative and open-minded approach to bringing contemporary dance and visual arts into new environments. TARGET promotes dance art to new audiences and spaces outside traditional theatre stages. They also utilize digital stages when presenting their artwork.

The artists of the TARGET Helsinki ensemble are danceartists Elina Häyrynen and Natasha Lommi, visual artist Noora Geagea, stylist Kaisu Hölttä and the sound designer Josu Mämmi.

Nordic Culture Club will present “An evening with TARGET Helsinki”. The evening will encase a live dance performance, a set of Live Electronics and the short film series WeNeedArt. The evening will also be the launch of the summer tour TARGET Roadtrip.

Nordic Culture Club is a venue for cultural practitioners and enthusiasts from across the Nordic Region and around the world. Here, we experiment with and present unique interdisciplinary experiences with a mix of everything from dance, music, performances and interactive experiences to monologues, catwalks, drag, quizzes, installations, video works, and much, much more.

Nordic Culture Point has been granted the EcoCompass environmental certificate. We’re making every endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why all travel within the organisation is carefully planned. Use public transport when you visit us, and you’ll contribute to a greener cultural scene, too! 

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