Meet the authors: Nordic Council Children’s and young people’s literature prize

Omslagsbilder för nomineringarna till Nordiska rådets barn- och ungdomslitteraturpris 2022

The winner of the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize will be announced on the evening of 1 November. On that same morning, you’ll have the chance to meet the nominees and get an insight into their books at Nordic Culture Point. The authors will be reading from their books and answering your questions.

Participating authors and illustrators:

Malin Kivelä (FI)
Moa Backe Åstot (SE)
Riina Katajavuori (FI)
Arndis Thorarinsdottir (IS)
Rán Flygenring (IS)
Dánial Hoydal (FO)
Mårdøn Smet (DK)
Sigmundur Þorgeirsson (IS)
Ivínguak` Stork Høegh (GL)
Martin Glaz Serup (DK)
Linda Bondestam (FI)
Ragnar Aalbu (NO)
Jan Oksbøl Callesen (DK)
Sørine Steenholdt (GL)
Thorbjørn Petersen (DK)
Gunnar Helgason (IS)
Sara Vuolab (Sápmi)
Annika Øyrabø (FO)
Nora Dåsnes (NO)

You can read more about the nominees and their works on

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