Meet Joanna Rubin Dranger – the winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2023

Minister of culture, Lubna Jaffery, and winner of litterature prize, Joanna Rubin Dranger

Photo: Magnus Fröderberg/

Welcome to listen to the Swedish author Joanna Rubin Dranger, winner of the 2023 Nordic Council Literature Prize, talk about her work as an author and her award-winning book, “Ihågkom oss till liv” (“Remember us back to life”, not published in English).

In her documentary graphic novel, Joanna Rubin Dranger makes use of both text and images to portray her own Jewish family history and what really happened to the relatives who “disappeared” during the Second World War. Rubin Dranger’s work combines photography, drawing, watercolour, and text into a story where the forgotten comes alive and reminds us not to forget.

Joanna Rubin Dranger is interviewed by author and journalist Philip Teir.
The conversation will be introduced by Fredrik Hertzberg, a member of the Literature Prize jury.

Welcome! (The conversation will be held in Swedish)

Organisers: Nordic Council of Ministers/Nordic Council, Nordic Culture Point.


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