Linda Åkerberg: Expedition Sweden and other adventures

Portrait of Linda Åkerberg from the Pacific Crest Trail

2021 saw the publication of the book Expedition Sverige (which translates as Expedition Sweden). It follows Linda Åkerberg’s adventures throughout Sweden, and explores how the country and its nature were shaped into what they are today. On her way, she passed through all of Sweden’s 25 landscapes, an achievement that later brought her the Adventurer of the Year award (Årets Äventyrare). 

Linda started her career as a freelance photographer, but left her comfortable Stockholm home life to travel to the US and hike the long-distance 4,280-kilometre Pacific Crest Trail between Mexico and Canada. Since then, the adventures have followed one after the other, and Linda has visited every corner of the globe.

In 2019, she decided that it was time to stop looking far away to find happiness and to seek adventure on home turf instead. She spent four months on a journey hiking, cycling and kayaking her way through Sweden, from Smygehuk in the south to Treriksröset in the north.

Linda is visiting Nordic Culture Point to talk about her adventure and how she went from never setting foot on a hiking trail to becoming one of Sweden’s most notable adventurers in just a few years.

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