Culture and Language Café in Kannelmäki with the Finnish Baroque Orchestra

The Culture and Language Café, organised by The Finnish Baroque Orchestra and Nordic Culture Point, brings Norwegian and Swedish musicians to Kanneltalo Stage, where they will discuss co-operation between Nordic baroque orchestras, Nordic languages and even to play some music from their own countries.

Read more about the Finnish Baroque Orchestra on their website!

After the music and discussion, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a language exchange and chat freely with the musicians.

During the language exchange, participants will be able to practice their Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish skills with native speakers. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to long-time speakers and even native speakers!

This is how the Language Café works:
• Each language (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic) has its own table, marked by its country’s flag.
• At each table there are two native speakers, one who converses with beginners, and one who speaks with participants who already speak the language.
• Beginners, more experienced speakers and native speakers are all welcome.
• At the tables, the conversation is informal and the topics may vary. Participants can also discuss the languages or learn basic words and phrases. Sometimes games and other methods are used to broaden the vocabulary and knowledge of the participants.
• You are free to come and go as you like. You can sit at one table the whole time or walk from table to table if you want to practice many languages.

Duration: 2 h

Tervetuloa – Velkomin – Välkommen – Velkommen – Vælkomin – Welcome – Tikilluarit

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