Stream: Art on new platforms

Visual art is increasingly part of a digital sharing culture, which has been further reinforced during the coronavirus pandemic. What are the consequences of this for our understanding of different sharing practices in museums, galleries, and art galleries, as well as among artists themselves?

How have the digital platforms and consumer technology from which art has been distributed during the pandemic helped to shape the way the various institutions disseminate art? Camera-based art has proven to be particularly suitable for the dissemination and distribution of art via new platforms and is now deeply integrated into a digital network-based infrastructure. What technical considerations do the platforms used have? And how do these aesthetic considerations influence the art being shared?

Curator of photography and new media Susanne Østby Sæther and chief curator Caroline Ugelstad, who both work at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo, have explored the new forms of digital dissemination and distribution of visual art that have emerged during the coronavirus crisis. The project is funded by Arts Council Norway. The discussion will take place between Østby Sæther and Ugelstad, moderated by art critic Helen Korpak.

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