Movie night: Journey to Utopia (DK, 2020)

A Danish singer and the documentary’s Norwegian film director live with their three children on an idyllic family farm in Norway, nestled between mountains and valleys. The only downside is that they have to rely on planes to commute to work.

Prodded by a nagging climate conscience and a growing urge for action, they come to a dramatic decision: They’ll leave their comfortable home in Norway and move to an ideal society, a “permatopic” eco-village which is under construction in Denmark, where they’ll be able to live in accordance with their beliefs. They want to be part of a revolution that will begin with their own family, and to live by the values that are good for the individual, the family, society and the planet. But what are those values?

The subsequent journey turns out to have major consequences, and each family member must reconsider their own core values. Their whole lives are at stake, including their underlying love.

The film is directed by Erlend E. Moe (1967-2021)

Language: Norwegian, Danish, with English subtitles
Length: 88 min
Age restriction: 7

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