Film: Behind the Swedish Model (SE, 2022)

Anders Tegnell sitter vid sin dator

The pandemic was a challenging time for the Nordic Region and Nordic co-operation. Sweden adopted a slightly different approach from the other Nordic countries, and age-old neighbourly friendships were put to the test. 

In the new documentary “Behind the Swedish Model”, we get a behind-the-scenes look at Sweden’s health authorities and governing powers during the pandemic.

We get to follow the unknown epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, who became a global celebrity overnight and is loved and hated in equal measure for his alternative approach.

We also get to know Sweden’s health minister Lena Hallengren, the Swedish state apparatus, and the relationship between governing powers and experts. The Swedish authorities have a long tradition of following the advice of experts and avoiding political interference.

But as the death toll rises so the pressure increases and Sweden’s reputation is put at risk. Cracks start to show in the traditional distribution of power and co-operation between the public health authorities and the government.

The documentary has been produced by award-winning Swedish documentary filmmaker, producer, and journalist Viktor Nordenskiöld.

In recent years, the impact of the pandemic on Nordic co-operation has been the subject of growing concern. As a result, in June 2022 the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation adopted a new approach for Nordic crisis management: When a crisis strikes, the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation must meet to ensure that Nordic perspectives are taken into account before national decisions are made. The ministers must also ensure quick and effective communication and exchange of information to minimise the negative consequences of any decisions made as part of crisis management.

Language: Swedish, with English subtitles

Age restriction: For all ages

Duration: 74 min

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