Film at Orion: Skál (Faroe Islands, 2021)

A man and a women are hugging each other outside

Skál is a new and rare documentary from Faroe Islands. Dania comes from a Christian congregation and her entire family is part of the congregation.

Dania is one of the prominent young people, in part because she sings at the services, concerts, etc. But when she falls in love with hip-hop artist, Trygvi (with the artist name Silver Boy), it sparks a teenage rebellion, which she lives out together with her friend Marjun. It’s not because they want to leave the congregation – they just want to be accepted as themselves. But how do you find that balance? And how does the congregation react when Dania publishes a collection of poems reeking of youth, anxiety, and freedom?

The title ”Skál” is taken from this collection of poems which was publishes during the making of the film. The book sold more than 500 copies and was at the top of the bestseller list in the Faroe Islands. It is now being taught in primary schools, high schools, and universities.

The film is directed by Danish Cecilie Debell and Faroese debutant Maria Tórgarð

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Tickets: 11€
Duration: 75 min

Language: Faroese,
Subs: English

Age restriction: 12

In co-operation with Cinema Orion in Helsinki, from October we’ll be showing quality Nordic films in a historic cinema that dates back to 1928. We’ve the best seats in the house for an authentic cinema experience. Cinema Orion is part of ELKE (Elävän kuvan keskus) with the aim of promoting audiovisual culture in Finland. Together with our partners, we’re pleased to be able to bring a Nordic perspective to this initiative.

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