Film at Orion: Barn (Beware of the Children, NO, 2019)


Beware of the Children (2019, NO) tells the story of the aftermath of an accident at a school in the outskirts of Oslo.

Lykke (13), the daughter of a prominent Labour Party politician, has accidentally beaten her classmate Jamie, the son of a local right wing-politician, to death. Lykke claims Jamie’s death was an accident, but nobody believes her. The school’s principal, Liv, is an idealist who, against her political beliefs, has been living in a secret relationship with Karl Erik, Jamie’s father.

When they can’t keep their relationship a secret anymore, the surroundings react with disbelief. Liv’s brother Anders is Lykke and Jamie’s class teacher. He was supposed to be in the school yard when the accident happened, and is overwhelmed with guilt for not having been able to prevent the accident from happening. Like water surrounding an undertow, we’ll experience how the community relates to the accident and the aftermath. How could it happen – and how is it possible to continue living afterwards?

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Tickets: 11€
Length: 157 min
Language: Norwegian with English subtitles
Age restriction: 12

Age restriction: 12

In co-operation with Cinema Orion in Helsinki, from October we’ll be showing quality Nordic films in a historic cinema that dates back to 1928. We’ve the best seats in the house for an authentic cinema experience. Cinema Orion is part of ELKE (Elävän kuvan keskus) with the aim of promoting audiovisual culture in Finland. Together with our partners, we’re pleased to be able to bring a Nordic perspective to this initiative.

Address: Eerikinkatu 15

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