Symposium: Post Nordic – and then?

The Nordic Culture Point will together with Frame Finland and HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme) arrange a symposium on the topic of Nordic Art collaboration and its future challenges.

Our keynote speaker will be art critic Jonas Ekeberg (NO) presenting his newly released book ” Postnordisk – Den nordiske kunstscenens vekst og fall 1976–2016” which compiles his research of 40 years of Nordic Art Collaboration connected to Suomenlinna.

Among other confirmed speakers we have Independent Culture Consultant Marianne Möller (FI) currently working on a historical overview of the Nordic culture collaboration.

Visual artist Britta Marakatt—Labba (Sápmi) will highlight the indigenous perspective on the Nordic collaboration.

Santiago Mostyn (SE) and Tone Olaf Nielsen (DK)  will also speak at the symposiium.

Moderator for the symposium will be Professor Anne Szefer Karlsen (NO).

Our aim is to highlight the history of Nordic Art Collaboration and to question and arouse discussion regarding future collaboration possibilities and needs on the Nordic art field. What is Nordic Hospitality and how can this be developed? What are the challenges to come for Nordic collaborations? How will political agendas affect collaboration possibilities?


Because of Covid-19 we are limiting the number of event visitors so that it is always possible to keep a safe distance. Hand sanitizer is also available at all our events.


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