Barnfesten 2024


Join us for the Children’s Festival on 13 April 2024! There will be creative workshops, musical activities and theatre performances!

This year’s theme is Life and Movement. As part of the Children’s Festival, Nordic Culture Point will organise two reading sessions at 12:00 and 14:00. We will be reading and discussing the book “Om du möter en björn” by Malin Kivelä, Martin Glaz Serup, and Linda Bondestam. The programme is aimed at children aged 5 and above.

The book “Om du möter en björn” is part of the project The Nordic Bookworm, which has created educational material for over 50 Nordic picture books available at The Bookworm offers educational materials for parents and educators.

Nordic Culture Point is also offering a digital reading session during the Children’s Festival. Annika Sandelin will be reading poems from her book “Råttan Bettan och masken Baudelaire”. The session will last approximately 8 minutes and the text will be read in both Swedish and Finnish.

In Swedish

In Finnish

Attendance at the festival is free of charge and no pre-registration is required. Some of the workshops and performances have a starting time and a limited number of seats available. Tickets for these events are available at the entrance on the day of the event, 13 April 2024.


Nordic Culture Point has been granted the EcoCompass environmental certificate. We’re making every endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why all travel within the organisation is carefully planned. Use public transport when you visit us, and you’ll contribute to a greener cultural scene, too! 

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