ARTIVAL TALKS: Curating Across Cultures

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In this thought-provoking ARTIVAL Talk, we delve into the realm of curating across cultures, exploring the dynamic interplay between cultural diversity and representation in the Nordic art field.

We explore the challenges faced by institutions in curating exhibitions and programmes that accurately reflect the diverse range of voices, perspectives, and artistic expressions present in contemporary society. By recognizing the need for inclusivity and diversity, we discuss strategies for actively involving underrepresented artists and communities.

The talk also highlights the difference between institutional curating and freelance curating, examining the opportunities and limitations within each approach. We discuss the concept of freedom in curating and its implications for responsible curation, emphasising the need to balance artistic expression with ethical considerations. We discuss the power of curating as a means to challenge established systems, confront biases, and disrupt conventional narratives. By promoting critical dialogue and open-mindedness, this talk aims to foster an environment where diverse values, experiences, and beliefs are respected and celebrated.

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Meeting ID: 824 8325 8408
Passcode: 405380

Invited speakers

  • Keynote & facilitation: Ali Akhbar Mehta – Transmedia artist, curator, researcher, and writer.
  • Yvapurü Samaniego Bonnin – Visual artist working in a range of mixed media.
  • Tina Lorien – Curator with great knowledge of visual arts, sculptures, paintings and photography.
  • Nina Toppila – Director at Kunsthalle, Helsinki


ARTIVAL Talks are organised by IMMART, Nordic Culture Point and Globe Art Point as a part of ARTIVAL RE:CONNECT, a Nordic multilingual cultural festival taking place across the Nordic region in 2023. The festival a widely diverse array of actors together in a sustainable manner to co-create and reflect on issues of inclusion and belonging with exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops, recitals, and more, at a time when many of us around the globe are striving to reconnect, to ourselves, our families, and our communities in one way or another.

ARTIVAL Talks are a collection of live-streamed and virtual discussions, debates and conversations on the themes of ARTIVAL – a festival that places artists, the artistic process and advocacy at the centre. The central aim of the Talks, which began in May 2023, is to facilitate gaining a clearer understanding of different processes, perspectives and viewpoints that exist in Nordic artscapes, by bringing artists, cultural workers, activists, human rights experts, public officials and civil society together to exchange ideas and share experiences of their successes (and failures), good (and bad) practices, and the opportunities (and challenges) present in the broad landscape of the Nordic arts and cultural sector.

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