The analog and the digital in new music: Toechter (DK)

Toechter is a new trio from Copenhagen and Berlin – all-female, all-strings – playing the violin, viola and cello.

With a background in classical music, they explore both the percussive and lyrical sides of their instruments, which they mix with electronics and vocal textures into an exciting whole.

Together, they create their own language and genre mix, which combines electronic beats and unusual bowing techniques and samples. The result is an electronic soundscape with a moving and human touch. The members of Toechter are Lisa Marie Vogel, Katrine Grarup Elbo and Marie-Claire Schlameus.

Their debut album Zephyr has been produced by Philipp Johann Thimm, a veteran in the field of electronic music. We’ll meet the trio as part of a conversation with Tove Djupsjöbacka, get a teaser of their new music video, and get the opportunity to find out more about the group that was founded just before the pandemic, and is now emerging from its digital existence during lockdown, ready to meet its audience.

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