English Speakers

English Speakers is a tour friendly sonic performance that exploits the materiality of linguistic sound to make the struggle between etymological and grammatical conceptions of language tangible in a cluster of mythological tales of origin, influence, creation and destruction.

The connection between modern english and norrønt – the internordic language from 800–1350 CE is processed musically and performatively within the performance. Through its focus on this connection the project contributes to a discussion on how no cultures are ”pure”, but interconnected through national borders and nationalities. English Speakers contains also an explicit feminist focus. Through ten chosen words and their etymology the audience is encouraged to embrace a critical perspective on the position of women within linguistic history.

In collaboration with the British producer Mary Paterson and LYDPOL from Denmark the project invites visually impaired audiences to a full-scale stage art experience via project background presentations and extra material in a podcast. The extensive research from the project is also presented in a booklet and workshops.


English Speakers is a Moribund (DK) production in co-operation with Notam – Norwegian centre for technology, art and music (NO) and Inter Arts Center at The University of Lund  (SE).

The project was granted funding from Culture and Art Programme in 2020.

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