Children and youth


Children and young people are a priority in all of Nordic Culture Point’s activities. We want to offer children and young people new experiences and the chance to participate in Nordic culture.




How would you like a young Nordic neighbour to visit your school? Nordic Culture Point can arrange for one to come and tell you all about his or her country in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Knowledge of the Nordic Region and languages is important both culturally and for young people’s future job prospects. A visit by a Nordic neighbour gives students the chance to improve their understanding of the Scandinavian languages and to experience living proof of their value as a means of communication. This helps young Finns realise that knowledge of Swedish opens the rest of the Nordic Region up to them and enables them to talk to and understand about 20 million people.

We arrange Nordic school visits all over Finland and would be happy to arrange one for your school. 

You can prepare your class for the visit with our publications about the Nordic Region. Further information about the Nordic Region is available from the website “The Nordic Region in the School”.


Spring 2017 fullbooked

Registration for the fall 2017 sessions opens in August

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the library personnel.





Nordic Culture Point organises the youth cafés BitFörBit mot Norden and Nordic Workshop for Finnish-speaking secondary-school classes. At the cafés, students learn about topics such as Nordic music, film, food and languages, through activities, games and talks with students of Nordic languages at the University of Helsinki.

The aim is to nurture interest in the Nordic countries and their cultures and languages among Finnish-speaking high-school students. The cafés are run in Swedish by students of the Nordic languages. The aim is to highlight the advantages of studying Swedish – it can serve as the key to the other Scandinavian languages, as it facilitates communication with the majority of the Nordic Region’s 25 million inhabitants.

Teachers can book BitFörBit mot Norden (four 90-minute sessions) or Norden Workshop (one 90-minute session). The youth cafés are free of charge.

Venue: Kajsaniemigatan 9, Helsinki


BitFörBit mot Norden (4 x 90 min)

Norden Workshop (1 x 90 min)

If you have any questions, please contact the library personnel.




Are you interested in what Nordic Culture Point has to offer? The library welcomes groups of children and young people. The visit usually consists of a presentation about Nordic Culture Point and what we do, followed by a tour of the library.

Contact the Library personnel for more information.





The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People, NORDBUK, funds projects initiated by children and young people and has established a dedicated programme for this purpose. The main objectives of the NORDBUK grant programme are to enhance children and young people's means to organise themselves and to achieve more influence and a stronger participation in political processes, as well as to nurture a sense of Nordic identity. The target group consists of children and young people under the age of 30 in the Nordic Region.



Nordbuk Grant Programme

Culture and language programme for children and young people.