World Storytelling Day: Workshops

Not that long ago, we in the Nordics were refugees who were dependent on being welcomed. Today, refugees need us.

You will be able to hear the touching real life stories of Pirkko Fihlman, a lament singer who has processed her traumatic childhood being a refugee not only once, but twice, through recreating an ancient Karelian lament tradition, Ulla Starck who was sent to Sweden only 7 months old during the second world war and grew up with two sets of parents, the foster parents in Sweden and the birth parents in Finland, and Alaa Altamini, who had to flee Iraq as a very young man and has made himself a new home in Finland. Oana Velcu-Laitinen (Ph.d.) opens the evening on the theme of creativity as a key to making yourself at home in a new country.

Time: 21.3 at 9.30-11
Place: Nordic culture point, Kajsaniemigatan 9, Helsingfors

The performance takes 90 minutes including discussion.
Langgage: Finnish, Swedish, English.

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Spoken Word-workshop

Time: 21.3 at 11.30
Place: Goethe-Institut Finnland, Salomongatan 5B, Helsingfors

Spoken Word-workshop with Dalibor Marković.

Language: German (and English).

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Baker Youssof

Time: 21.3 klo 13.00
Place: Georgsgatan 36, Helsingfors

Baker Youssof tells about his journey from from Kabulista to Helsinki and reads texts from his home country Afghanistan.

Language: French, Finnish.

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