43 projects received funding from Culture and Arts Programme

THE YOTUBER is premiering at Dansekapellet in Copenhagen on November 5th. The project was granted funding from Culture and art programme in the second round of 2021. Foto Søren Meisner.

The second round of the Arts and Culture Programme in 2022 received 140 applications for funding totalling EUR 5 014 182. The budgeted total funding available of EUR 1 494 698 was divided among 43 applications, corresponding to 31 % of the applications. The individual grants ranged from EUR 7000 to EUR 90 000.

All projects that have been allocated funding can be found on the Nordic Culture Point website.

We cannot give individual feedback to applicants. For more information about criteria, please see the programme website. You are welcome to contact us for advice when preparing your next application.

Two rounds of applications per year
The Arts and Culture Programme supports Nordic co-operation in the field of arts and culture. Funding can be sought for a project with artistic or cultural quality that promotes a diverse and sustainable Nordic Region. The funding programme is run by Nordic Culture Point.

The funding programme has two application rounds per year. The next round of applications will take place between 7th of February and 7th of March 2023. The application period closes at 15:59 Finnish time.