42 projects were granted funding from Culture and art programme

The second round of Culture and art programme in 2020 received 153 applications for a total of 4 840 456 euro. The budgeted total amount for this round was 1 274 314 euro, shared to 42 projects as grants from 5880 to 100 000 euro.

This round received only ¾ of the usual amount of applications. Through an extra funding by the Nordic Ministers of Culture an amount of 400 000 euro was added to the budget. This made it possible to grant funding to 30 % of all applications. Given the circumstances there were surprisingly few projects on COVID-19 or digitalisation among the applications. There were several applications identified within the themes of sustainability, equality and feminism instead.

Project examples from the second round in 2020

Only two applications were granted a total of 100 000 euro. One of them is Kaaos Kaamos  which aims to create an interactive experience within contemporary circus in a modern circus tent, with no clear boundaries between scene and audience. The project combines the disciplines of aerial cradle, pairs acrobatics and banquinne in a performance with a stronger focus on storytelling than technical circus elements. The project develops new competencies and reaches out to destinations without existing large scenes. Their tour will be realised without air travel.

Mobile scenes for alternative places for artistic expression is about to be created within the project TOUR DE LUX.  It will be a mobile parade of light where three bicycles are rebuild with projectors for mobile audiovisual screenings. The collaboration between three local teams in Oslo, Reykjavik and Stockholm is implemented digitally, creating new networks and combining various competencies for new perspectives.

An example of projects with a feministic theme is 300 YEARS OF OPERA – concerts and Nordic seminar on female opera composers from the 17th to the 20th century.  The project makes male dominance within structures of power, history writing and culture around opera visible. The plurality of music and music history is presented in interaction between researchers and performers, building a roadmap towards more equal repertoars in all Nordic countries.

You can find all projects that have received funding on Nordic Culture Points website.