10 years of Kids in Jazz

Kids playing jazz instruments.

Kids in Jazz is an international jazz festival for kids and youth, hosted in Oslo by Improbasen. This year is the festival’s 10 year anniversary, which will be celebrated with 9 concerts from 11th to 16th of August with performances on Oslo’s buzzing jazz scenes – with guest musicians from Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Portugal and different corners of Norway.

The festival brings together close to a hundred young jazz talents from more than 12 countries. The concerts are held on various stages in Oslo, and the young musicians play together in band constellations across language and country borders. Ahead of the festival, workshops and seminars are organized in both Norway, the Nordic countries and a number of other countries. After the anniversary year 2022, Kids in Jazz will continue to work on developing the Nordic children’s jazz network with new seminars in collaboration with the Åland Institute of Music and the Culture School on Bornholm.

Kids in Jazz is organized by Improbasen, a resource center in Oslo for children and young people who want to learn about jazz and improvised music.

The project has been funded by VOLT.

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